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Two Scholarships. One Clincial Research Initiative.

The Charles Woodson Clinical Research Initative (CWCRF) supports physician-scientists and research investigators whose work is in its earliest stages of development when ideas have the greatest potential for impact and innovation. Through Woodson's generosity and inspiration of others, he is jump-starting these ideas and ensuring that new approaches that have great potential for cures and for improving the lives of children are not lost in the initial stages of development.

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Charles Woodson has joined a lot of great teams, including the original GHW Team. Understanding as he does the importance of teamwork, we understand that it is important to him that the initative supports high-impact research efforts, bringing together investigators of different disciplines to view kids’ health challenges in new ways that will foster breakthrough discoveries. Woodson's initative allows C.S. Mott Children's Hospital to award grants to support critical research projects that show promise of significant improvements in kids’ quality of life and longevity.

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