GHW Support for Education

$1,087,297.53 raised by GHW in conjunction with The Heart of a Child Foundation

Our primary educational focus is on training subspecialty fellows in pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery to prepare them for academic faculty positions at leading congenital heart disease centers across the U.S. In 2007, as part of the comprehensive GHW initative raising effort, we partnered with Raghu and Rashida Mendu to create a 4th year advanced clinical lectureship in pediatric cardiac critical care in honor of their daughter, Samara Mendu, who passed away from congenital heart disease. From 2007 through 2011, the GHW event has also provided an additional $787,000 to the Samara Mendu Fellowship, and the first 4th year candidate was named as the Samara Mendu Fellow in FY2013. Currently, the principal endowment has a book value of $1,087,298 and market value of $ 1,232,862.

This fellowship supports advanced training in pediatric cardiac intensive care in perpetuity; GHW has contributed greatly toward educating the next generation of pediatric cardiac intensivists who will provide expert care for our patients. Our experts have treated congenital heart disease patients from all corners of the world, and through these research efforts, are dedicated to improving outcomes for all children who suffer from heart defects. With government support for research training rapidly declining, resources to maintain and grow these critical education and research initiatives are scarce. Funding from GHW has helped to fill that void.

The balance in the interest account will be approximately $86,000 as of 06/30/2013. At this time, interest on the endowment (approximately $12,490 per quarter) supports almost 50% of the salary and benefits for our 4th year fellowship candidate. GHW created momentum for this endowment and allowed the possibility that completing this endowment at $2 Million is a realistic objective.