Immuno-Hematology Comprehensive Program

A quick blurb about how Woodson is involved with this section.

Immuno-hematologic disorders in children are exceedingly rare and poorly understood diseases. Doctors are often unfamiliar with these rare conditions resulting in delayed diagnosis, inappropriate lab testing and poor patient outcomes. Some children even die because their caregivers are unable to identify their disease.

With this award, Dr. Connelly and Dr. Walkovich are developing a first-in-the-world Immuno-Hematology Comprehensive Program – bringing together clinicians and scientists from across the University of Michigan campus, including the schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Engineering.

This new multidisciplinary approach will lead to a cross-fertilization of ideas unlikely to have taken shape in the previously fragmented environment. Better understanding, better care and better treatment ensure that many more children will survive these complex and devastating illnesses.

Awarded: August, 2013
Amount: $60,000