Mott Mobile Tech

Develop M2TECH, Mott Mobile Technology for Enhancing Child Health

What if we could use state-of-the-art electronics to prevent and treat common and rare diseases that make life difficult for children and their families?

Because of a grant from the CWCRF, Dr. Woolford and Dr. Lee are leading their team in creating a program that uses new mobile communications technology to revolutionize the way care is delivered for children at Mott Hospital and place the Department of Pediatrics at the forefront of this revolution.

In partnership with engineers and IT specialists, Dr. Woolford and Dr. Lee are developing the infrastructure to support an innovative research platform using mobile communications technologies that can advance research and enhance outcomes for pediatric chronic disease management.

1. Assist patients and parents in monitoring their self-care behaviors and disease related outcomes.
2. Connect patients and their parents with their health care team or providers in the interim between clinic visits.
3. Deliver tailored behavioral interventions for improving adherence and health outcomes in pediatric chronic disease.

Awarded: August, 2013
Amount: $129,626