Clinical Research Lab

Children's Clinical Research Laboratory

The Charles Woodson Children’s Clinical Research Laboratory provides space for the processing and short-term storage of biological specimens collected in clinical studies. This space is in close proximity to the new C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and is accessible 24 hours a day.

Lab space includes a tabletop refrigerated centrifuge, pipettes, water baths, incubator, biological hood, vortexers, and space for specimen storage at 4oC, -20oC, and -80oC. Space is also available for users to store supplies specific to individual projects.
Use of the CWCCR Lab has seen a steady increase over the last year (blue line), including access after 6 pm (red line).

Refrigeration of samples prior to shipping for a project to genotype subjects with Hemophilia A and B.
More convenient to primary work area. Previously staff would either take samples to MSRB III or leave them at Central Distribution.

Storage of blood for an industry- sponsored study on a new blood test that could predict low-risk patients for appendicitis.
Freezer space is critical. Blood samples need to be stored at -70oC, and there are not many of these freezers around the Mott Hospital.

Centrifugation, aliquoting, freezing, and storage of samples prior to shipping for a clinical study on the safety/efficacy of IV Tylenol in children < 2 years.
Much more efficient to use this space than the previous space because of proximity to work.

Refrigeration and batch analysis for volume /pH of samples collected for a prospective study on gastric secretions.
Bench space available to store study pH meter for duration of project.

Awarded: October, 2010
Amount: $49,597.16