Emilee Blouin

Emilee Blouin (BS ’18) Athletic Training

Even as a child, Emilee Blouin was what she describes as athletic. During her teen years, she took up cheerleading—both sideline and competitive. But it was through her involvement in the Sturgis High School Student Athletic Training Program that she discovered her real passion and her future career direction.

The program, one of only a few in Michigan, is designed to help injured student athletes in every team sport. As a volunteer, Emilee was part of the emergency first responder team. She also assisted with rehabilitation and preventive training. “I fell in love with that program,” she says, “and almost immediately I knew this was what I wanted to do. Although I was lucky enough not to have many injuries myself, the program gave me an opportunity to help a lot of student athletes.”

Soon after being accepted to the University of Michigan School of Kinesiology, Emilee was awarded a Charles C. Woodson Scholarship. She recalls that her family’s first reaction was a combination of excitement and relief. “The scholarship was a big help financially,” Emliee explains. “Without it, I might not have been able to attend Michigan.”
But for Emilee, the true value of the scholarship went beyond financial support. As she notes, “The scholarship has made me even more enthusiastic about my chosen career. It’s so great to think that someone out there wants me to succeed and believes in me to the point that they’re willing to invest in my future.”