Alexis Diaz

Alexis Diaz (BS ’16) Sports Medicine

Alexis Diaz traces her interest in sports medicine to her high school years, when she underwent four separate surgeries to remove a tumor from her tibia. It was during the long months of physical rehabilitation that she became fascinated with physical therapy.
When her high school began offering a Medical Careers Program, Alexis had an opportunity to shadow professionals at a local hospital. “I did three rotations with a physical therapist and really enjoyed it,” she says. “That experience pretty much confirmed physical therapy as my career choice.”

Alexis has found a lot to like about Michigan Kinesiology. At the top of her list: being part of a small, tightly knit academic community while having access to all the benefits of a major research university. As a case in point, after meeting doctoral student Erin Wentz at a Pre-Physical Therapy Club (PTC) presentation, Alexis landed a research assistantship with Wentz and Dr. Dale Ulrich in the Center on Physical Activity and Health in Pediatric Disability. She views it as excellent preparation for future graduate work in physical therapy.

For Alexis, receiving a Charles C. Woodson Scholarship was a life-changing experience. “Without this, I wouldn’t be attending the school of my dreams,” she notes. “The scholarship made it possible for me to be here. Also, I can focus on my studies, rather than working a part-time job to pay expenses. And after talking with other students, I know it’s the same for them as well. Scholarships have changed their lives completely.”