Dymond McFall

Dymond McFall (BS ’14) Movement Science

Dymond McFall grew up in Southfield, Michigan, part of close-knit household spanning three generations. As it turns out, those family ties had a profound influence on her academic path.
When her chronically ill grandmother fractured a femur, 15-year-old Dymond spent hours every day helping with home care. Two years later, her grandfather was admitted to a nursing home and, once again, Dymond did everything she could to help. “I’d visit every day, bathe him and do what I could to keep him from losing muscle tone,” she says. “All of that really piqued my interest in kinesiology.”

That interest grew when Dymond was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis and genu varum, also known as bow-leggedness. During a year of physical therapy, she decided that movement science was a field worth pursuing. And although she applied to a lot of schools, she admits that “Michigan was always at the top of my mind.”

For Dymond, the Charles C. Woodson Scholarship has made a big difference in many ways. “It helped a lot financially,” she explains. “I didn’t have to do work-study, which meant I could focus on academics and keep my grades up. It also meant that I could go home every weekend and help with my grandfather.”
When asked what she would say to prospective scholarship donors, Dymond has a ready answer: “I’d remind them of all the kids who can’t go to school because it’s too expensive. That includes my younger sister, who considered joining the Air Force in order to get an education. And I’d encourage them to give those kids the kind of opportunity I’ve had.”