Jerome Grant

Jerome Grant (BS ’14) Kinesiology

Although he grew up in inner-city Detroit, in a single-parent household, Jerome Grant attended private schools until the ninth grade. He notes that all the credit goes to his mother, who worked tirelessly at three jobs.
From an early age, Jerome was interested in athletics, particularly team sports. Unfortunately, Sickle Cell Anemia kept him from playing those sports. He compensated by watching live coverage of high school games. It was during one particular football game—in which a player sustained serious injuries—that Jerome first became interested in sports medicine.

That interest grew, and in 2008 he enrolled in the U-M School of Kinesiology. “Michigan was the best fit for me,” Jerome says. “For one thing, they had an entire school devoted to kinesiology. For another, the program was both rigorous and organic.” Soon after being accepted, he was awarded a Charles C. Woodson Scholarship.
Despite countless infections and hospitalizations, Jerome persisted in his studies and received his degree in August of 2014. A recent setback forced him to defer admission to New York Medical College, where he plans to pursue a master’s degree in microbiology, followed by either a Ph.D. or medical school.

Through all of his struggles, Jerome has taken great strength from his Woodson Scholarship. “That award has been a blessing in every way—financially, emotionally and motivationally,” he notes. “The support allowed me to attend Michigan and focus solely on my studies. But more important, Charles has become my mentor. Over the years, he’s even interrupted his busy schedule to visit me in the hospital. His belief in me has meant so much.”